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Wicker Rattan Chairs Vietnam – Affordable, Beautiful and Mobile

Wicker Rattan Chairs Vietnam – Affordable, Beautiful and Mobile

Much has been said about wicker and the lovely furniture made from them. If you are currently in the market for some wicker rattan chairs, let’s take a brief and basic look at why you should really stick with your choice.

wicker rattan chairs

wicker rattan chairs

First things first, rattan is a kind of wicker. Wicker, by definition, can be made from natural and artificial materials. Artificial wicker is usually made from plastic which is why it is the choice for people who want rattan-looking furniture for the outdoors. While rattan can stand nature and its elements as well, it can still be prone to expand under wet conditions and can lose its luster in the process.

Rattan is a natural kind of wicker made from the cores of the canes of different kinds of palms. It is often woven to form a hard and rigid material like furniture-case in point, chairs.

Rattan is mainly sourced from the far east-Asian countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia. It is cheap because it is very easy to harvest as it requires simple tools. It is also very easy to transport as it can be stacked together and atop one another in relatively smaller cargo trucks. Processing rattan (for furniture-making) is also very simple as it only requires a simple peeling of the skin of the strand to expose the core.

After processing, the only step left is the assembly and weaving of the finished product. Rattan can be woven into any shape conceivable depending on the skill level of the worker or craftsman. Once it takes it shape, it is hard to deny the naturally-engaging look of the woven wood cores that mimic some of its solid counterparts.

As being made from light wood, the finished product is both durable and lightweight (and to some extent, flexible). A full-sized rattan chair can weigh no more than 40 pounds and can easily be carried by one. This makes it a popular choice for those who find themselves transferring apartments/houses every so often.

The choices for chairs made from rattan are endless. There are full sofas, loveseats, singles, rocking chairs, etc. Any kind of chair can be made with rattan-some entirely from it while others in parts. Rattan is also very popular for use as backrests because of its natural ability to circulate air.

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