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A Glimpse of Rattan Furniture

A Glimpse of Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the most natural furniture in the world. It is unlike other furniture, rattan furniture is very unique because of its main material. Rattan is extremely flexible and durable. It is able to be worked in many shapes and styles. The shapes and styles of rattan furniture range are available from very simple forms to very unique and complex contours.

rattan furniture

rattan furniture

There are many manufacturers of rattan furniture in the world. Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that has thousands of rattan furniture manufactures. Indonesia is one of them home. The quality and form of the Indonesian rattan furniture is very well known as one of the best.

The models of Indonesian rattan furniture are very beautiful and they can enrich the beauty of your home interiors and exteriors. The art of rattan furniture is located in the manufacturing process that uses only simple machines and tool, and involves many people as they are handmade furniture. This makes employment opportunities in the rattan furniture industry. This even makes those people who involved in producing rattan furniture in the vicinity of others because they work together in one place. Together they form the frame and weave the wicker furniture together in one place, so they can do that by talking with others, without reducing the quality of the furniture.

Besides its shape, which is unique and beautiful, rattan furniture is very comfortable furniture. The forms of rattan furniture can are available in any model you want. It is very ergonomic and sitting on a wicker lounge can refresh your mind, body and soul as it is made from 100% natural materials.

Rattan furniture is environmentally friendly furniture. It is biodegradable. The manufacturing process of rattan furniture requires no hazardous chemicals. Using rattan furniture also can help us in saving our environment. It is because of rattan is not a tree. It is vine-like, a solid vine. Rattan is a climbing palm which grows in the tropical forests in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brunei and Malaysia.

In tropical forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help us to save forests by providing us an alternative material in making furniture. Loggers can choose to harvest rattan and forget trees logging. We know that timbers logging can make our planet difficult to breathe. Timbers logging needs heavy tools, difficult to transport, and the replacement of those logged trees needs very long time and needs lots of money. But, harvesting rattan cane is much easier. It does not need heavy machines. Rattan is much easier to carry and keep our environment in save. Rattan also grows much faster than most tropical trees. Harvesting rattan keeps the health of our tropical forests as the lungs of our planet.

So, choosing rattan furniture for our home interiors and exteriors is a good thing to do. It helps us in saving our planet and can enrich the beauty of our home. It brings us back to nature. Indeed, rattan furniture can also save money because the price is cheaper than other types of furniture.

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