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Distributing Wicker Rattan Furniture

Distributing Wicker Rattan Furniture

Are you a furniture dealer? Perhaps you may wish to consider distributing wicker rattan furniture. What are the advantages of selling rattan furniture? Is there money to be made? How do the margins look like? Let’s discuss these issues in this article.

rattan furniture

rattan furniture

About rattan furniture.

First, we should seek to have a better understanding of rattan furniture. We sometimes see such furniture being referred to as wicker furniture. What’s the difference? Wicker is used to describe the process of making the furniture, while rattan refers to the materials being used. Since rattan cane is used in the wicker process while chairs and tables are made, the two words are used interchangeably. Sometimes, they are even used in the same phrase.

In general, there are two types of rattan – natural and synthetic. Both has its own characteristics. Synthetic cane is actually made from processed plastic. In other words, the plastic is made to look like rattan cane. As plastic is a highly durable material that’s easy to work with, manufacturers find it easier to produce such furniture. Synthetic cane can come in a wide variety of colors, which can help to meet the market’s demands for stylish looking furniture.

So what type of furniture can be created from synthetic cane? This material is so versatile that all sorts of furniture can be made from it. Basically, all that is needed is something solid to create a frame for the furniture piece. This can be stainless steel or aluminum. Synthetic cane can then be wrapped around this solid frame using a wicker weaving process. The end result is that you get great looking furniture that is both affordable and durable. You will be able to find all sorts of rattan furniture. Some examples include cabinets, storage cases, dining sets, lamps and so on.

One would expect the furniture to come in small pieces. For instance, we see lots of stack-able rattan chairs. These chairs are extremely light and are suitable for both outdoors and indoors. And because the are made from readily available rattan materials, they come in affordable prices when bought at wholesale prices.

It may surprise you to see big furniture items that are created from rattan. Full and complete dining and sofa sets are also available. How is this possible? The same manufacturing principles apply – quality design built from a solid frame, and then wrapped nicely with synthetic rattan. Since these bigger pieces have a lower cost of production, there is great potential to earn handsome margins from them.

In today’s market, the consumer perception of rattan furniture is changing quickly. There are lots of modern looking furniture pieces that will fit into any contemporary living room (e.g. pool furniture, bar stools). If you are a furniture dealer, be sure to include rattan furniture in our inventory.

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