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Rattan Furniture – Advantages and Tips for Buying

Rattan Furniture – Advantages and Tips for Buying

Rattan is a kind of palm whose fibers can be used to weave and produce lightweight garden furniture. Rattan is preferred because it ages gracefully and is eco friendly. The designs of rattan bring out a lovely charm and are cheap.

rattan chair vietnam

rattan chair vietnam

Elegant design

First reason to choose rattan would be its lovely hand woven design. You weave it too tight, it breaks. Weave it too loose, it sags. Hence, it is the quality of work that goes into bringing this design that makes it durable.

Eco friendly

Natural rattan is made from fibers of a kind of palm. It can be recycled too. By buying rattan garden stuff, way you are taking your first step towards not polluting your environment.


The fact that this kind of furniture is made from individual strands it can be molded into practically any shape. It can be even woven to suit a person’s particular needs.


Rattan comes in natural shades of dark grayish brown and pale cream. This natural hue gives it the earthy feel much needed in garden.


Maintenance is very easy and doesn’t need any special treatment. The only thing you need to keep in mind is rattan and cane cannot handle high humidity and dryness. Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Synthetic rattan

Synthetic rattan is a new addition to the non-green furniture. Everything on this earth has imitation. Due to lack of greenery and as an effort to save environment, manufacturers have come up with a mix of natural rattan and aluminum, which is more durable, more weather resistant and easier to clean.

This is not as eco friendly, but a very good replacement for the natural rattan. It is also cheaper than natural rattan furniture. Since it made of aluminum it is lightweight and comes is similar designs as natural rattan.

Tips on buying

Since the demands are high, the prices have rocket through the roof. So, do a thorough study of each time of rattan furniture and its price before buying. Best would be to scout few stores both retailers and wholesalers. This way you will know what the margin of difference is.

Rattan, wicker, cane and bamboo never go out of fashion. In addition, they last very long. So go in for a design that you simply love. There should be no compromise to it.

Look for designs that have good lot of fiber weaved into it. This will ensure that it stays durable for a long time and does not sag or break under weight.

Choose designs, which have an option to include a cushion. Using a cushion for the seat and back will ensure that the cleaning is easy.

Rattan conservatory furniture is the best eco friendly choice for your conservatory. Make this elegant furniture a part of your collection today.

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