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Rattan Garden Furniture – Sturdy, Economical And Easy To Maintain

Rattan Garden Furniture – Sturdy, Economical And Easy To Maintain

You must have often heard that outdoor rattan garden furniture is one of the classiest and most elegant type of furniture you can use in your garden. Yes, it is, and the great part is rattan furniture is available in a huge variety of styles, from the conventional to the most modern styles, so there is a choice to suit everyone’s taste.

rattan furniture garden
rattan furniture garden

Rattan, for those of you who do not know, is the name for nearly 600 species of palms “Calameae,” native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australasia. In other words, rattan is a type of long vine that’s grown in the tropical parts of the world. To make furniture, rattan canes are cut into manageable sections and then steamed for making them soft and pliable for working into required shapes.

It has a property of becoming flexible when heated, making it suitable for being crafted using the wicker technique. In the wicker technique, a frame is first created, and then materials like willow, rattan, and bamboo are used to create myriad forms of designs. Wicker furniture has been in vogue since centuries with evidence of discovery of furniture items belonging to ancient Egypt.

Traditionally, the best types of rattan garden furniture have frames made of teak with covering of rattan. This combination is very durable, especially in warm climates or in environs similar to where rattan grows naturally.

Why Choose Rattan Garden Furniture?

  • Rattan is one of the strongest woods available anywhere in the world and its exotic features and unique properties make it ideal for use as outdoor furniture. Besides garden furniture, it has also found favor for making dining sets, living room items, and even bedroom suites.
  • Rattan is easy to maintain. Unlike wooden garden furniture, rattan furniture does not require periodic moisturizing, and retains its shape, color, and strength for a number of years. Cleaning is simple. All that is required is wiping it with a damp cloth. Its chief quality is the ability to withstand the elements, making it highly suitable for outdoor use.
  • Rattan is both lightweight and strong. This makes it ideal for rough use. Even sprightly children are safe around rattan furniture.
  • Rattan furniture is both cost effective and economical. It is far cheaper than wood and lasts much longer.

Buying Rattan Garden Furniture

When shopping for rattan garden furniture, look for the following characteristics:

  • The diameter: The greater the diameter of the stem, better the quality. Ideally, a size of 1½ inches diameter will indicate an adequately sturdy stem.

* Smoothness: Rattan must be smooth and devoid of hair like strands hanging out.

  • Look for the grade: Rattans are graded A, B, and C. Grade A is best being extremely smooth and uniform in color. Grade B surface is rougher than Grade A, while Grade C is has rough surface, and has dents and splits.
  • Look for warranty: Buy rattan furniture only from reputable dealers and suppliers who offer you warranty.

Once you include the above in your checklist, you can rest assured that you will get quality rattan garden furniture.

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