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Secret of Rattan Furniture

Secret of Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture is very flexible and sturdy. Nowadays it is one of the most popular. Made of wicker or rattan fiber, somewhat it is similar to bamboo, but is empty in the middle. The flexibility of the rattan can make these materials very suitable for furniture, and it can be easily bent and formed it into various shapes, such a series of furniture designs are modern and contemporary attainable with rattan. Although, there is much of this furniture on the market, most comes from Indonesia. It is the most appropriate for outdoor use because it seems natural and light. Rattan is among the antique natural furniture materials in use today.

rattan tables
rattan tables

This natural furniture looks great and last for quite a long time. It’s very durable and cost effective. However, being natural, the fiber is susceptible to damage and rot over time. Synthetic rattan furniture, on the other hand, seems a bargain, but has several advantages over natural rattan furniture. It takes a long time and is water resistant. It does not absorb moisture and thus offers a good value for money.

In addition, the rattan furniture is a craft. The skills of craftsmen have been passed down from generation to generation. The rattan processing to make them suitable for use in production is a lengthy process. Although there is some degree of mechanization, part of the process of labor such as weaving remains to be done by hand. This requires the skills of craftsmen and this determines the quality of finished products.

A lot of companies dealing with rattan furniture also advertise their environment friendliness, and to ensure that rattan and wicker that are used in manufacturing are plantation grown and not hurt or endanger wildlife and the environment. Some go further to ensure that child labor is not used in the production process. Therefore, not surprisingly, calls rattan furniture for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Rattan furniture industry is very active with business operations that extend literally around the world. From raw materials like wicker and cane is grown mainly in Southeast Asia, it is natural that most of the furniture manufacturing companies are in other places like in the other nation.

Finally, the rattan furniture is very easy to manage. With a damp cloth or a vacuum can be used to clean rattan. Additionally, if the furniture seems to lose the brilliance and shine, it can easily rejuvenated by applying a new coat of lacquer. Also, if you want that your rattan to get a new look, you can always change the pads and fabric. With so many advantages, it is not surprising that the popularity of rattan furniture will increase.

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