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Top 5 Benefits of Rattan Furniture

Top 5 Benefits of Rattan Furniture

Furnishing your outdoors? Don’t take a final decision without considering all your options. If you want to maximize the use of your outdoor area, the right kind of furniture is a must. Many people shop with beauty in mind only to realize that the furniture they bought lacks functionality. Don’t let that happen to you.

rattan furniture garden

rattan furniture garden

So, what’s the skinny on rattan furniture?

Natural rattan furniture is made of wicker or rattan fiber. Rattan fiber is the oldest natural fiber that is being used to make furniture today. Rattan is somewhat similar to bamboo but is not hollow in the middle. Therefore, it should not be confused with bamboo furniture. Rattan fiber is braided together to form pieces of furniture.

Natural rattan furniture looks stunning and lasts fairly long. It is quite durable and cost effective. However, being natural, the fiber is vulnerable to damage and rot over time. Synthetic rattan furniture on the other hand, looks like the real things but has several benefits over natural rattan. It lasts long and is weather resistant. It does not absorb moisture and thus offers good value for money.

Rattan furniture is best suited for the outdoors because it looks natural and is lightweight. In fact, rattan is known for gracing patios, gardens and balconies. Its rustic facade makes these pieces feel right at home out of doors. Since rattan is pliable, it can be molded into different shapes and intricate designs are easily made. To purchase eye-catching pieces, select a manufacturer who offers great craftsmanship.

Rattan furniture is a good idea for those areas that are prone to rough use. So, if you have rambunctious little ones at home, you do not have to hold them back around rattan furniture. The lightweight pieces do not topple heavily on children or cause any damage to the flooring.

Any piece of furniture that you use in an area that is frequently visited must be lightweight as well as solid. Rattan is lightweight and therefore easy to handle. At the same time, high quality pieces are solid and will not get toppled in the wind. Sounds like the kind of furniture you want in your patio?

Rattan furniture requires low maintenance. Unlike other natural materials that need to be treated with oil and preservatives, Rattan lasts for an amazing amount of time without maintenance. Just dust the pieces with a nice brush and they will look as good as new. In case of dirt, wiping with a wet cloth does the trick.

Fortunately, for all its benefits, rattan furniture is economical and cost effective. It is much cheaper than wood and lasts almost just as long. All the latest design trends are easily available in rattan, which makes it easy to dress up the room using rattan. So, if you are on a limited budget, desire a natural, outdoorsy look and want furniture that lasts, go for rattan. You won’t regret it!

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